recent credits


Adam & Co Online Promotional Heehaw, Operator (Sony FS7 + a7S, jib) Mally Graveson

Scottish Salmon "The Extra Mile" Jump Marketing (Coolbox), DP (Sony FS7) Marc Grundy

Tamdhu Bottle & Lantern Online Promos Coolbox, DP (Sony FS700) Marc Grundy

Johnnie Walker First Footing Promo 3x1 (Coolbox) DP (Sony FS7 & A7s, Ronin) Marc Grundy


Nikon TP Documentary Jung Von Matt/Spree (LS Productions), Gimbal Operator (Nikon D5), (DP) Daniel Stewart (Dir) Mark Andrew Bone

VisitScotland Dumfries Whitespace (Heehaw), DP (Sony FS7) Mally Graveson

Visit Scotland "Go Large in Perthshire" Whitespace (Heehaw), DP (Sony FS7) Mally Graveson

Coca Cola Parklives CityPress PR (Coolbox), Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Marc Grundy

Anolon Pans Recipes (Nick Nairn & Kevin Hughes) Oakbase (Whitenoise), DP (Sony FS7) Lee Holdsworth

Graham & Brown IWW Promo Blink Photo, Camera & Director (Sony FS7)  Cal Hallows

XCP Protection Advert BTS Greenroom Films, BTS Camera (FS7) 

British and Irish Lions Event 20/20 Productions, Live Relay Camera (PMW-500 & JVC GY-HM790) Alaistar Scott

Openreach Social Media Promo Capture Media, Gimbal Operator (FS7 + Ronin) Craig Sinclair

Medscape Stroke Promo Heehaw, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Toby Trueman

Visit Scotland "Something Different" Whitespace (Heehaw), Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Mally Graveson

Scottish Rugby/Golf Promo Tanami, Gimbal Operator (FS7 + Ronin) Jemma Goba

Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards Promo Coolbox, Camera Operator (Sony FS700 + Odyssey) Marc Grundy

Centre:MK Fashion Commercial BTS Freak Films, Camera Operator (Sony FS7 + Ronin)

SSPO Label Rouge Promo Coolbox, Lighting Camera (Sony FS700, A7s) Marc Grundy

Uuni Pro Indiegogo Campaign Video Heehaw, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Penny Cobham

Booths Easter Chocolate Egg Promo Blink Photo, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Cal Hallows

Booths In-Store Social Media Blink Photo, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Cal Hallows


Graham & Brown Decorating Promotional Blink Photo, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Cal Hallows

RSNO St. Andrews Show GloCast, Camera Operator (FS7 + Canon HJ40) Derek Livesey

Party like Gatsby Event Camera Operator (FS7) Cal Hallows

TPAS Fairmont Conference GloCast, Camera Operator (FS7, a7S II) Arran Moffat

Fedex/TNT Merger Internal Comms Vision Events, Camera Operator (FS7) Chad Schaffler

Tamdhu Whiskey Promo (Hamilton & Inches) Coolbox, Camera Operator (FS700) Marc Grundy

Scottish Friendly Kids Promo Blonde, Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Jonnie Lewis

EICC RI World Conference LA Media, Camera Operator (Canon C300) Justin Adams, Jude Lightbody

Crieff Hydro Web Promo Heehaw, Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Toby Trueman

Deanston Distillery Promo Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Jonnie Lewis

Visit Scotland "Hidden Gems" Heehaw, DoP (Sony FS7, Ronin) Mally Graveson

Trojan Workwear Promo Feral Films, Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Nick Williams

Full On Mighty Riders  - Diner Music Video Director of Photography (Sony FS7) Chris Green

The Fragrance Shop "Twist and Spritz" Commercial Whitenoise, Lighting Camera (Sony FS7) Lee Holdsworth

Andy Murray Standard Life Event 20/20 Productions, Live Camera (JVC GY-HM890) Craig Munro

Edinburgh School of Business Heehaw, Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Toby Trueman

Heineken Internal Communications 20/20 Productions, Camera Operator (Sony FS7, Ronin) Alaistar Scott

Venturefest Glasgow 2016 Speakeasy, Live Camera Operator (Sony PMW-300) Alan Jones

Edinburgh Napier School of Nursing Promo Heehaw, Camera Operator (Sony FS7, Ronin) Toby Trueman

Edinburgh Buses Launch Promo Camera Operator (Sony FS7, Ronin) Lewis Notarangelo

Scottish Salmon Tasty Style Videos Coolbox, Camera Operator (Sony FS700, A7s) Marc Grundy

Edinburgh Rugby Kit Launch 20/20 Productions, Camera Operator (C300 II, Sony FS7, Ronin) Alaistar Scott

Tesco Bank Tour 'o the Borders Promo Digital Triangle, Camera Operator (Sony FS7, Ronin) Tim Edgeler

Apprentice-style TV Show British Muslim TV, Camera Operator (Sony FS7) Joseph Hayat

East India Company Gin Launch Coolbox/The Drink Cabinet, Camera Operator (Sony FS700/A7s) Dir Marc Grundy

NHS Scotland Corporate Heehaw, Camera/Gimbal Operator (Sony FS7) Michael Welsh & Toby Trueman

Glengoyne Distillery Fathers Day Promo Coolbox, Camera Operator (Sony FS700, a7S) Dir Marc Grundy

Edinburgh Sciences Napier Promo Heehaw, Camera/Gimbal Operator (Sony FS7, DJI Ronin) Mally Graveson & Toby Trueman

So Precious Promo Heehaw, Camera/Gimbal Operator (Sony FS7, DJI Ronin) Michael Welsh

We Are England Music Video Hadaly Pictures, Camera/Gimbal Operator (Canon C300, DJI Ronin) Dir Andrea Vecchiato

Tandhu Whiskey Promo Coolbox, Camera Operator (Sony FS700, a7S) Dir Marc Grundy

Sigma Camp Digital Event 2016 Feral Films, Camera Operator (Canon C100) Dir Nick & Sophie Williams


Focus Education Corporate Lion Eyes, Camera assistant & B-cam (Sony F5, Canon C300) DP Alex Dove

Inside Out Homes Redhouse/Channel 4, Camera Operator (Canon C300) Prod Nico Wasserman

CityCo Chinese New Year Corporate Lion Eyes, Camera Operator - GVs (Canon 5DIII) DP Ivan Hinchley

Mathew Halsall & Gondwana Orchestra Gig Camera Operator (550D/60D/5DII) DP Ric Lowe

Mammal Hands Music Video Camera Operator (Handheld 5DII shots) DP Ric Lowe (Link)

Linzi Jay Products Camera Operator (Kinefinity Kinemini 4K) 

Shop Direct Group Corporate Videos & Fashion Camera Operator (various DSLR & C100/C300)